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World Music

We are a music company based in the heart of London. Our mission is to bring out extraordinary new artists and music from around the world in a grand tradition of independent labels which are shaping the future of the music industry. We are a small label publishers, with recording, audio and video production facilities both in the UK and Serbia and we work closely  with established creative professionals on all aspects of live and studio recordings.

Our main focus is World Music, especially the music from the Balkans but we also work on other genres and collaborate with musicians from all countries.



We are currently working with 'Storm' on their album and expect to announce
late autumn release date

Available releases

Bakija Bakić Orchestra led by Ekrem Mamutović
Available now on CD and soon as digital release

Spasoje Jović Sounds from the Miroč Mountain
Available now on CD and soon as digital release

Šaban Bajramović Gipsy Songs
Available now on CD and soon as digital release

History of Guča - 50 years
Central, Eastern and Western Serbia
Available now on 3 CD set and digital release

History of Guca - Winners
Available now on 2 CD set and soon as digital release

Available on Amazon MP3, iTunes and other retailers as digital release


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